Saturday, March 4, 2017

Yesterday Crafternoon

Did you know those little beads that eager little girls' fingers meticulously place onto shaped pegboard & then a responsible adult fuses together with an iron have a name? I didn't until recently & I used to be one of those little girls. They are called Perler beads. {Aka Hama beads I've learned from InstaFriends across the pond.} So, now you know. You're welcome. πŸ˜‰

I. Love. These. Things. Maybe it's the connection to my childhood? All my relatives are probably quaking with fear that their 'fridges will soon be covered with magnets made of these...again. 😜

Abbeygirl & I sure had a fun crafternoon yesterday playing with these. {This is how a grown woman justified excitedly throwing bag after bag of pastel colored plastic beads into her Joann's cart when she found these at 50% off. *cough* "My niece will love these." *cough*}

I think she did some marvelous work though! Hers are the ones on the right. 😊

I can see many such crafternoons in our future.

Much love,
Michelle πŸ“

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Ring Around the Rosie

A pillow full of posies

It all started with the cushion pictured below...

I made this one for my Momma for Christmas.
{As well as this Christmas-y one.}

They were so much fun to make that I had to make a couple for myself.

I had some aqua daisy grannies left over from another project so I added some pink & white to them & voila! a daisy granny cushion!

I love the pink tassels so, so much!
We'd had some very grey weather for quite a long time & these colorful makes were just the ticket for keeping my mood cheerful. They're like Vit. D for your eyes! 

When it's so grey & colorless out-of-doors the bright little things indoors are that much more dear.
I had to pause and snap a pic of these pretty dishes drying on a cute towel.

A Dollar Tree store recently opened up in my neck of the woods & I couldn't resist this confetti-like multicolor glitter nail polish! So fun! I can't wait to try these nail sprinkles over all sorts of base colors.

Unfortunately, we have all been quite sick in my house.
Mom made us some delicious chicken stock & soup.
Thankfully the sun has come out this week & I've been happily soaking up its rays like a cat sunning itself in the light streaming through the windows.
{And, unfortunately coughing up the human version of hairballs, but ewwwww! you didn't really want to know that. Sorry.😝 It sounded funnier in my head than it probably actually came across to you poor readers.}

One good thing about convalescing is that you can pick up a poor neglected project that was left languishing in the to do pile for some reason or another. Hopefully I'll be able to finish this pastel Victory Jumper in time for warmer days in Spring.

Another good thing is that you have time to write a blog post which you had been meaning to do for a bit. πŸ˜‰

Stay cozy & well!
Michelle πŸ“

Monday, January 16, 2017

The Housecat Dress

I was originally thinking of calling this one "The Cat's Meow" since we've been re-watching Jeeves & Wooster lately & now those sort of statements pop into my head regularly,
but this time of year I would definitely consider myself a housecat so I went down that route instead. I'm usually known as 'the outside auntie' by my nieces & nephews whenever they want someone to play with them outside. 
{Compared with my sister Aimee who is decidedly 'the inside auntie.'}
Winter is probably my favorite season just because I love the coziness of being stuck indoors when the weather outside is frightful. {And winter contains Christmas which puts it way ahead of the other seasons in the favorite department.}
Plus this frock will more than likely be rarely seen outside of the house. So...housedress.
 I bought this flannel fabric just days after our cat had to be put to sleep.

We had enjoyed that little creature's sweet company for 15 1/2 years. Over half my life! So, needless to say this fabric was an emotionally charged purchase. The little cats on here do look remarkably like Kitty. At least now without a cat to warrant my status as crazy cat lady I have this frock to lend credence to that title. πŸ˜‰
I guess this lil frock is sort of a tribute to her.

{This has been my favorite hairdo lately. I think it has a fun 60s vibe to it.}

I used Simplicity1080. Omitting the pockets, tucks & ties and adding elastic to the waist instead. {Cuz once you've accidentally dipped the ties in the toilet it's one time too many. True story.}

And can you even handle the cuteness of these slippers? 😻
Apparently I'm going to be drawn to cat motifs at least for a while. 😸

Stay hep cats!
Michelle 😽
The Crazy Cat Lady 😹

Friday, January 13, 2017

Rainbow Ripple

That sounds kinda like a yummy ice cream flavor!πŸ˜‰
Here is my latest crocheted creation.
I started it on December 17th after I had finished my crocheted Christmas gifts.
Originally it was supposed to be Christmas colors {you can see the red & green right next to each other} but I didn't finish it in time for Christmas.
One reason being I ended up making it way bigger than originally intended.
I meant for it just to be a throw sized afghan, but I accidentally made it big enough for a twin bed.
Since it took a while to make I went through my normal artistic stages of:
1. loving it

2. getting irritated that it's taking so long

3. hating it

4. questioning my color-putting-together capabilities & wanting to burn it

5. talking myself out of anything rash
{considering how much work I already had into it}

6. liking it again

7. loving it & being sorry that I was ever so mean to it.

 Ah, well. I don't think it looks strictly Christmas anyway.
It looks rather Cath Kidston-esque to me.

The colors are so cheery I like seeing them on my bed.
{Yes, that is my bed. I know I'm the world's oldest child.}
I'm actually planning on redecorating my bedroom in the near future & I have a beautiful full sized wrought iron bedframe that I will be using which will make this twin sized bedspread obsolete. I'm sure I can find a nice home for it when the time comes though.

I used my new comfy ergonomic crochet hook for the most part & I love it! I can crochet for much longer lengths of time now. My hands used to get so sore & tired after crocheting for a long time. {Ok, so now I sound like an old person. That makes up for my juvenile dΓ©cor, right?} ;)

Here's the deets:
Pattern :
Caron One Pound in 
lime green {7oz but I can't remember the actual color name of this one, sorry!}
 & robin's egg{7oz}
Red Heart Super Saver in 
Baby Pink & Bright Yellow{7oz each}
Hook Size: J


Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Do you ever just need a fresh start?
I sure do.
I s'pose the new year is a pretty common time to feel that way.
I've been itching to make a change & instead of chopping off all my hair {again} I've decided to start out this year with a sparkly new blog.
I kinda felt like there was baggage pulling me down with the old one...
So here she is my pretty new crafty blog...
A blank slate for all my colorful projects to live.
I intend for this to be a sunshiny spot.
I hope you'll enjoy reading & seeing my crafty shenanigans as much as I intend to enjoy writing them.

 Welcome to my {Fresh Picked} new bloggy:
♡ The Strawberry Cottage Journal ♡

aka Miss Strawberry Shortgirl πŸ“