Saturday, May 6, 2017

Me Made May {Week 1}

This merry month of May I'm joining in with oodles of other makers in wearing something I've made every day for Me Made May. {#mmmay17} It's been lots of fun so far! Here are the outfits I wore this week {except for Monday, the 1st because I cheated that day & stayed in sweatpants & a Shopkins t-shirt because I didn't decide to join in the me-made merriment until after I'd gotten dressed for the day. And I was far too comfortable to change. πŸ˜†}

Tuesday was this groovy remake of a 60s housedress. 

Wednesday was a cabled cardi from Debbie Bliss' Land Girl booklet.

Thursday was a pastel Parisian Print frock. These lovely fabric were Waverly Inspirations from Walmart. 

Friday was a pinafore made from some lovely vintage fabric remnants. 

And today {Saturday} is a Fairisle yoke sweater also from the Debbie Bliss Land Girl booklet. 

Thursday & Friday's looks were both made the day before they were worn so this little challenge is definitely helping my sewing game. {And helping me work through my stash which is always a very good thing. πŸ˜‰}

I can hardly wait to decide what to wear & make next week!


What are you working on?
πŸ’• Michelle πŸ“

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  1. You make the cutest clothes. I like the vintage dress with the pink roses. And the picture of you drinking coffee with the sign in the background is so delightful. I'm a coffee lover, so that one got to me. : )