Monday, January 16, 2017

The Housecat Dress

I was originally thinking of calling this one "The Cat's Meow" since we've been re-watching Jeeves & Wooster lately & now those sort of statements pop into my head regularly,
but this time of year I would definitely consider myself a housecat so I went down that route instead. I'm usually known as 'the outside auntie' by my nieces & nephews whenever they want someone to play with them outside. 
{Compared with my sister Aimee who is decidedly 'the inside auntie.'}
Winter is probably my favorite season just because I love the coziness of being stuck indoors when the weather outside is frightful. {And winter contains Christmas which puts it way ahead of the other seasons in the favorite department.}
Plus this frock will more than likely be rarely seen outside of the house. So...housedress.
 I bought this flannel fabric just days after our cat had to be put to sleep.

We had enjoyed that little creature's sweet company for 15 1/2 years. Over half my life! So, needless to say this fabric was an emotionally charged purchase. The little cats on here do look remarkably like Kitty. At least now without a cat to warrant my status as crazy cat lady I have this frock to lend credence to that title. πŸ˜‰
I guess this lil frock is sort of a tribute to her.

{This has been my favorite hairdo lately. I think it has a fun 60s vibe to it.}

I used Simplicity1080. Omitting the pockets, tucks & ties and adding elastic to the waist instead. {Cuz once you've accidentally dipped the ties in the toilet it's one time too many. True story.}

And can you even handle the cuteness of these slippers? 😻
Apparently I'm going to be drawn to cat motifs at least for a while. 😸

Stay hep cats!
Michelle 😽
The Crazy Cat Lady 😹

Friday, January 13, 2017

Rainbow Ripple

That sounds kinda like a yummy ice cream flavor!πŸ˜‰
Here is my latest crocheted creation.
I started it on December 17th after I had finished my crocheted Christmas gifts.
Originally it was supposed to be Christmas colors {you can see the red & green right next to each other} but I didn't finish it in time for Christmas.
One reason being I ended up making it way bigger than originally intended.
I meant for it just to be a throw sized afghan, but I accidentally made it big enough for a twin bed.
Since it took a while to make I went through my normal artistic stages of:
1. loving it

2. getting irritated that it's taking so long

3. hating it

4. questioning my color-putting-together capabilities & wanting to burn it

5. talking myself out of anything rash
{considering how much work I already had into it}

6. liking it again

7. loving it & being sorry that I was ever so mean to it.

 Ah, well. I don't think it looks strictly Christmas anyway.
It looks rather Cath Kidston-esque to me.

The colors are so cheery I like seeing them on my bed.
{Yes, that is my bed. I know I'm the world's oldest child.}
I'm actually planning on redecorating my bedroom in the near future & I have a beautiful full sized wrought iron bedframe that I will be using which will make this twin sized bedspread obsolete. I'm sure I can find a nice home for it when the time comes though.

I used my new comfy ergonomic crochet hook for the most part & I love it! I can crochet for much longer lengths of time now. My hands used to get so sore & tired after crocheting for a long time. {Ok, so now I sound like an old person. That makes up for my juvenile dΓ©cor, right?} ;)

Here's the deets:
Pattern :
Caron One Pound in 
lime green {7oz but I can't remember the actual color name of this one, sorry!}
 & robin's egg{7oz}
Red Heart Super Saver in 
Baby Pink & Bright Yellow{7oz each}
Hook Size: J


Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Do you ever just need a fresh start?
I sure do.
I s'pose the new year is a pretty common time to feel that way.
I've been itching to make a change & instead of chopping off all my hair {again} I've decided to start out this year with a sparkly new blog.
I kinda felt like there was baggage pulling me down with the old one...
So here she is my pretty new crafty blog...
A blank slate for all my colorful projects to live.
I intend for this to be a sunshiny spot.
I hope you'll enjoy reading & seeing my crafty shenanigans as much as I intend to enjoy writing them.

 Welcome to my {Fresh Picked} new bloggy:
♡ The Strawberry Cottage Journal ♡

aka Miss Strawberry Shortgirl πŸ“