Thursday, February 2, 2017

Ring Around the Rosie

A pillow full of posies

It all started with the cushion pictured below...

I made this one for my Momma for Christmas.
{As well as this Christmas-y one.}

They were so much fun to make that I had to make a couple for myself.

I had some aqua daisy grannies left over from another project so I added some pink & white to them & voila! a daisy granny cushion!

I love the pink tassels so, so much!
We'd had some very grey weather for quite a long time & these colorful makes were just the ticket for keeping my mood cheerful. They're like Vit. D for your eyes! 

When it's so grey & colorless out-of-doors the bright little things indoors are that much more dear.
I had to pause and snap a pic of these pretty dishes drying on a cute towel.

A Dollar Tree store recently opened up in my neck of the woods & I couldn't resist this confetti-like multicolor glitter nail polish! So fun! I can't wait to try these nail sprinkles over all sorts of base colors.

Unfortunately, we have all been quite sick in my house.
Mom made us some delicious chicken stock & soup.
Thankfully the sun has come out this week & I've been happily soaking up its rays like a cat sunning itself in the light streaming through the windows.
{And, unfortunately coughing up the human version of hairballs, but ewwwww! you didn't really want to know that. Sorry.😝 It sounded funnier in my head than it probably actually came across to you poor readers.}

One good thing about convalescing is that you can pick up a poor neglected project that was left languishing in the to do pile for some reason or another. Hopefully I'll be able to finish this pastel Victory Jumper in time for warmer days in Spring.

Another good thing is that you have time to write a blog post which you had been meaning to do for a bit. πŸ˜‰

Stay cozy & well!
Michelle πŸ“